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Premier Stump Grinding Services in Jackson, WI and surrounding areas.

Request stump removal services from Stump Grinding by Mike, LLC. My stump grinding services are a surefire solution to getting rid of those pesky stumps in your yard. My simplified and effective process erases stumps of all types. Get on my schedule today!

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Tried & Tested Stump Removal Process 

My stump grinding services work when carbide teeth are mounted to a wheel that rotates at a high rate of speed. Through a series of passes back and forth, the carbide teeth turn the stump into chips. The general method is to approach the stump with the cutting wheel and sweep across the top of the stump, the wheel gets lowered and the wheel sweeps in the opposite direction.

This will continue until you have worked to the bottom of the stump. The wheel gets raised and the machine will then be moved an inch or so into the stump and repeat the back and forth passes moving to the bottom of the stump. These stump grinding services are repeated until the stump is completely ground. I typically will grind 6-8" below the surface to allow for a layer of fresh dirt to be leveled out and grass seed to be planted. All debris is raked into a pile where the stump was. 

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Safety Check 

Stump Grinding by Mike, LLC always does a comprehensive safety check before beginning any work. If the stump is close to a house or car, I’ll use a debris shield that protects your property and valuables. I’ll also make sure that all people and pets stay far away from the grinding machine. Learn more by calling or texting me today.

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Once the safety check is complete, I’ll start my stump grinding services and get the tree stump removal done quickly, efficiently, and safely.  It is not necessary the customer be home for stump grinding to be completed, but if the customer desires to be home, I can schedule accordingly. When I’m finished, I’ll push any chips into the grinding area for easy and efficient cleanup. 

Tips for Your wood Chips

While I don’t include chip removal in my stump grinding services, I’ll use my experience in this area to help provide suggestions on what to do with them. There are two primary options for your wood chips from stump grinding, recycling or reusing them as mulch. I can provide recommendations of landscapers who can haul and reseed the area. 

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Contact Stump Grinding by Mike, LLC, for all of your tree stump removal needs. I have the experience and knowledge to remove any stump from your yard. Call me today to learn more about my stump removal process, or fill out a form for a free quote. I can’t wait to serve you!

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